My Urantia Testimony

by Pastor Peter Gaidos

“I have been reading/studying The Urantia Book for about 4 years now. I marvel at the way it is composed, written in a way that makes you WANT to read more and more of the book. It is not easy to read and understand however. It takes persistence to unfold the truths represented inside.

“The many authors of The Urantia Book are celestial beings who, under specific mandates from their superiors have given the Human Race a true “Guidebook” of how to live now, while enjoying the hope of eternal life. I am an Ordained Minister of the Christian Faith and I have found many, many answers to spiritual questions that I have never found in my Faith journey previously. And many answers about the history of our planet.

The hardest thing I have found in reading The Urantia Book is that it explains many details in the Life of Jesus that were never taught or were expunged from earlier Christian Scriptures and are difficult to assimilate to the human mind simply because we have been taught many, many untruths due to the misconception and the flat out changing of the meanings and the words of Jesus by so-called religious teachers and those who sought worldly power over others. Also, the mere fact that beliefs have been handed down over the centuries and have been changed into “facts” through the imagination of others. These celestial beings who have given us The Urantia Book revelations are those beings who have personal experience and the authority to give them because they were here and have been here on our planet, some since the first human being developed mind consciousness.

I find no reason of conflict with The Urantia Papers and Christian Philosophy other than that Christian Philosophy has become a system of belief “about” Jesus instead of the belief in the teachings “of” Jesus and the application in our life of those teachings. If you are thinking of reading The Urantia Papers I encourage you to do so with an open mind, persevere in trying to understand what the papers are saying. Don’t give up! Buckle your seat belt and hold on, your in for the ride of your life!

The fact that The Urantia Book has been handed down to us today in the same format since 1955 and has not been edited, changed, re-written, dissected or formulated to expound the belief of others is refreshing indeed. To me that says that Truth is more valuable than monetary profit. The Christian Bible has been so changed and re-written,  edited and sorely conformed to other’s beliefs that it is no longer a viable source of all the truth. 

Like the Bible of Christianity, The Urantia Book must be read in a state of discernment and a sincere desiring for Truth. Both will give you truth. However The Urantia Book gives us the Truth “unadulterated”. The clear Truth. Pilate asked a question to Jesus ; “What is truth?” In my personal experience with The Urantia Book, I have found the answer to Pilate’s question and I have just begun my journey to that fulfillment in my earthly life. I hope that you also find your fulfillment in your earthly life that leads to eternal survival.