Urantia (Facebook Group) – In this forum, all members are invited to voice their opinions on matters relating to the teachings contained in The Urantia Book. We welcome the freedom to disagree and we honor diversity of thought; however, we do ask that if you disagree with someone, that you do so with tact, patience, tolerance, and kindness.

Daughters Of The Divine Mother

Daughters Of The Divine Mother – This group is our safe space and place. We can share and bring ideas to the front on the Daughters of the Divine Mother page where we can teach and educate the masses. Women are moving into the forefront in all areas of the planet and we can support each other so our voices can be heard. We are the moral standard bearers.

Urantia Africa

Urantia Africa – Uniting African readers of The Urantia Book and promoting the truths contained in this amazing Revelation. Please join us if you’re interested in supporting the growth of The Fifth Epochal Revelation on the African continent.

Urantian Artisans Facebook Logo

Urantian Artisans has been established for musicians, poets and artists of all kinds to share their work under the proviso that its function is to nourish the soul, celebrate life and exalt spiritual ideals. It could also act as a hub for Conference Organizers to more easily find individuals that could bring a special something to a conference!

Urantia Study Group

The Urantia Book Study Group Directory (UBSGD) is provided as a free and open service to readers of The Urantia Book to facilitate their connection with other readers for the purposes of collaborative study and spiritual fraternity, and to study group hosts to publicize their meetings toward this purpose.

Pato Banton's Spiritual Family

Pato Banton’s Spiritual Family – We believe that we are “ALL” God’s children, brothers and sisters; and we pray that we can learn to make this IDEAL a REALITY through our words and actions towards each other.  WE (Pato and Antoinette) decided to create this space as an arena where Spiritually Motivated people can come together and discuss Spiritual, Religious and Personal issues.