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The Words Of Christ ~ 7CD Box Set

by Pato Banton – released November 11, 2020

The Words Of Christ is a series of inspirational lessons from Jesus Christ as revealed in The Urantia Book which is the 5th Epochal Revelation to humanity. It took Pato 7 years to complete this mission that he initially thought would be only 14 tracks. The messages contained in these lessons have been a deep source of inspiration to many people all over the world including Pato himself. We hope and pray that these Uplifting Lessons will continue to inspire you too. Much Love.

Words Of Christ 7 CD Box Set 8-21


CDs 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Tracks 1-28)
Narration: Minister Pato Banton
All music created, composed & played by: Clyde JJ Forde
(except the music for The Second Discourse On Religion which was originally titled: “The Lord Is Your Shadow” and was created by: Katie Watchorn & Clyde JJ Forde.)
Drum programming & Engineered by: Winston (Da Major) Mendes
All tracks produced & mixed by: Pato Banton & Michael DiMattia
Mastered at Little Red Book Mastering by: Mark Chalecki

CDs 5, 6 & 7 (Tracks 29-42)
Narration: Minister Pato Banton
All music created, composed & directed by: Antoinette Hall
Piano and Keyboards: Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall
Drum Programming: Tony Anthony Saenz & Pato Banton
Engineered, Produced & Mixed by: Michael DiMattia & Pato Banton
Mastered at Little Red Book Mastering by: Mark Chalecki
Proof Reading by Dianne Labrecque

Track 43 was played by The Mystic Roots Family:
Drummer: Anthony Mark Saenz
Bass Guitarist: Carlos Eduardo Marin Jr.
Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Darren Bruestle
Keyboards: Dayna Anthony Wyman (Coot Dog) & Shayne Tolchin
Alto Saxophone: Michael Gordon (Sax Mike)
Alto & Tenor Saxophone: Shane (Storm) Baird
Percussion: Christopher Tyrell
Backing Vocals: Shayne Tolchin, Dayna Wyman,
(Professor) Einstein Brown, Pato Banton
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By:
Errol (Spears) Ruddock & Bruce Fecteau
Executive Producers: Roberto Angotti & Pato Banton

Tracks 44 – 47 were created by Antoinette Rootsdawtah & Andy Kushner and produced by Pato Banton