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Mary Ebben Livingston

Mary Ebben Livingston has studied “The Urantia Book” for over thirty years and was an active participant in the Boulder, CO Urantia community. She also worked at the Jesusonian Foundation. “Quivering on the Brink: Revealing Higher Spiritual Truths” is a condensed work based solely on the “The Urantia Book” and therefore not her original material. Essentially, Mary enjoyed a feast, drank its healing wisdom, and absorbed its flavors. In gratitude, she prepared an appetizer. While “Quivering on the Brink” is considered a fulfilling and nourishing appetizer, she does not feel it makes her an author or a chef. Ms. Livingston has two grown children, is now retired, and lives in New Mexico.

Literature from Mary Ebben Livingston

Mary Ebben Livingston
Location: New Mexico, USA