Pato Banton

The literature I’d like to share right now are more of a compilation of works that have been a source of inspiration. “The Words Of Christ” & “Coexist” are lessons and teachings taken from The Urantia Book and presented in two different magazines. “The Words Of Rastafari” is a series of powerful speeches from His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, sourced from different places and compiled in a magazine with illustrations.   

My 30th Anniversary Magazine is also an illustrated journey of my life and career that led me to finding The Urantia Book and my wifey Antoinette, who has become my “partner in all things” and the main source of encouragement for my Music Ministry and Spiritual Global Outreach. 

I have used MagCloud as the company to distribute these works, that allows people to buy physical or digital copies at a very reasonable price. Hopefully, I will be able to finish the 7 books I have visualized in the near future and be worthy of being called a Literary Artist.

Literature from Pato Banton

Pato Banton
Location: Southern California, USA