9th Dimensional

Born and raised in a sing and dance Holy Spirit filled church as a pastor’s son, spirituality has always been a part of my life, but I also had an inquisitive mind full of questions unanswerable by traditional teachings. 

In my later teenage years I lost the path of seeking God in my life and depression and destructive behavior followed.

I found my future wife and she had the same doubts and agnostic beliefs as me.

We fell in love and bonded over the months, and then something magical happened.

One night my wife and I were visited by bright beings of light who drained both of our phone batteries to zero percent, preventing us from recording his presence.

This being told us the universe was alive with life and that God was indeed very real.

The beings told me to search for the big blue book and all my answers would be found.

We didn’t sleep that night and after talking about God all night long, I looked up big blue book online.

To my surprise there the Urantia Book was, explaining exactly what we needed to know.

We found Pato Banton singing about the Urantia Book and Gary Tongue’s videos really immersed us in this brave new world of cosmic enlightenment. 

We apologized to God and Jesus right then and there and became students of the Urantia Book.

I started writing music about my journey through spiritual awakening and I became obsessed with studying all the scriptures from all the religions around the world.

The music really took off on the underground music scene, where it won first place awards and contests, and featured artist positions.

With over 5 million plays in 88 different countries, I am encouraged to continue sharing the peace that comes with seeking God! 

I saw an awakening of thousands and thousands of souls through this music, and over time I’ve worked with over 150 underground artists and created over 500 projects.

I am a busy father but the music keeps coming and God keeps blessing our little family more and more.

Most of my album artwork has been created by the prolific and wonderful Urantia artist, Gary Tongue.

So this has been an amazing journey and I thank every one of the readers I have met for being so welcoming and encouraging for this mission of spreading the light of God Consciousness to the youth of the world through the platform of music! 

The Urantia Book changed both my wife and I’s life forever and we are so thankful we found our way back to our Father God!

Music from 9th Dimensional

9th Dimensional