Al Gates Lockett

Al Lockett is an Electronic Music Artisan, writer and composer. He has performed on flutes, saxophones, clarinet and oboe professionally but performs now entirely on the Yamaha Electronic Wind Controller. He created music for UPS and BMW corporations and recorded two of his own CDs, “Life Dance” and “Friends We Meet Along the Way”. He is also an educator with over 25 years’ as an educational technologist, instructional designer, school improvement specialist and published researcher on technology-based mastery learning systems. He has been a reader of the Urantia Book since 1972 and has served on the General Council of the Urantia Fellowship, a former board member and one of the first online instructors for the acclaimed International Urantia Book Internet School. He has dedicated over 48 years inspiring and enriching the lives of others in his teaching and music ministry. Mr. Lockett holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and completed all studies for a Ph.D. in Educational Technology.

Al Gates Lockett Urantia

The Gift of Urantia Book transformed my life and inspired my gift of music. It’s been over 48 years that I have been living life as an experiential being on my path and enlightened, fully aware of the journey, the Spirit of God within me, the Spirit of Truth and my role as a servant of God.  I was transformed as Jesus spoke directly from the pages of Paper 140. I was ordained along with the 12 apostles and all Readers who have read and embraced words in the Ordination sermon and began to “ live as those who tasted the glories of a better life” and have been sent back as teachers. Of all of the things I have experienced in the transformation of my life, music was the center and my connection to my soul. It is my hope that you can experience that connection with God and the reflection of his love in the melodies and harmonies of my music. 

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  1. I Remember Al Gates Lockett 3:10

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Always Forever
Always Forever

Al Lockett
Location: Gastonia, NC USA