Alison Zopel

Allison Zopel was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin into a deeply musical family. Her father was a symphony director and Jazz composer, whom she enjoyed performing with, along with her three siblings who all became fluent in an impressive range of instruments. Alison soon grew an evolving love for the piano and at the age of 15 she began singing in The Zopel Jazz Quartet. Soon after, she began composing her own piano music, releasing her albums, “Music from Within”, and “Seasons”. Allison began performing Kirtan music in 2011, and composing original prayerful chants in 2015. 

At the age of 20, Allison was involved in a serious car accident, which resulted in severe brain injuries and soon after, a coma. It was during the next four years she spent coming out of a coma, that 12 of the 14 songs on “Music from Within” were composed.

“The music that comes through me is an expression of my soul,” says Allison. “And the simplicity of the music, I hope and feel will give people the time and space that we all need in order to slow down, and let what’s inside of us truly emerge.”

I was born and raised on the beautiful teachings in the Urantia book, based on living the true values of truth, beauty, love, and goodness. I learned from early on how to find the truths that lie in all religions, and the things that unite us together. I learned how we can have unity within our diversities, and how we can work together to create peace. This has influenced my music by composing my own musical prayers of peace in Vedic Sanskrit, combining the beautiful prayers of Sikh, Hindi, and Christianity in an ambient meditation. I hope you will enjoy, and it may help you to find peace inside. 

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Allison Zopel
Location: North Carolina, USA