Carlos Santana is a guitarist, composer, singer and band-leader who helped to shape the concept of “world music” by his experiments with blending many styles of music from a multitude of ethnic sources.

Carlos Santana

“Greetings, children of light & love. I find myself reading The Urantia Book.

Specifically: Paper 134 Section 6 – Law, Liberty & Sovereignty and truly it resonates with my spirit as a way to attain tangible lasting world peace…  It’s what we all desire, wish and need. I invite you to join in creating a new world government that is NOT about one nations self interest above all others.  Or one religion (can we agree that GOD is too big for one religion?)  Yet for the highest good of life, people and the planet.

I see 27 beings of light (woman and man) that calibrate high with integrity and divinity. For Example: Reverend Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Mr. Harry Belafonte, Miss Marianne Williamson, Mr. President Carter & Dolores Huerta. You see my point? Weapons of mass compassion people! You are welcome and free to create your own list. 

I find the words from this chapter very fascinating. Haile Selassie and Bob Marley used this same foundation for their principles, beliefs and songs. The goal is to attain a new perception in human global behavior that our children’s children may enjoy.  Only peace and peace alone. For everyone, forever more.” Peace ~ Carlos Santana


He was born Carlos Augusto Alves Santana on July 20, 1947, in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico. He is one of six children born to Jose Santana and Josefina Barragan. From the age of 5 young Santana learned the violin from his father, a professional mariachi violinist. He switched to guitar at the age of 8, when the family moved to Tijuana. During the late 50s he was playing gigs at clubs and bars with various bands up and down the Tijuana Strip. In 1961 he moved to San Francisco, California, joining the family, which moved there the previous year. In 1966 he made his debut with the newly formed Santana Blues Band. In 1968 Santana was promoted by Bill Graham to play at the famous Fillmore West in San Francisco. The first album, self-titled ‘Santana’, was released in 1969.

Rise to fame

Santana shot to fame after the legendary performance at Woodstock Music and Art Festival in 1969. His surprise appearance was captured in the film ‘Woodstock’ which vastly increased Santana’s popularity.  Carlos Santana is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has sold more than 90 million records, and performed to over 100 million people globally. During the four decades of his career Santana has been a true multi-cultural artist. He contributed to shaping the concept of “world music” by his experiments with blending many styles and genres of music from a multitude of ethnic sources. His instantly identifiable blend of Latin, salsa, blues, rock, and Afro-Cuban styles has been evolving with the inclusion of elements from jazz, fusion, and world beat.

“Spirituality is something very tangible to give you assurance and a guarantee that the universe is abundant and at your service,” he says in the article. “But you have to learn how to access it. “A lot of people today have mental paralysis: They’re arrogant, they don’t have trust, faith or belief in anything outside of, ‘the world is going to hell.’ They’re cynical, which is like cement in your brain.” Santana explained how everything he does onstage is a reflection of his spirituality, and how perceiving life through this lens makes a difference.

“You cannot behave appropriately unless you perceive correctly,” he said in the article. “Then you are a beam of light and you will carry yourself differently. You are created in the image of God — love, only love. You have to say: ‘I am meaningful and significant and I can make a difference in the world.’

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Carlos Santana
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