Dipti Bhakti

Dipti Bhakti – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Since I can remember I always was attracted to Art.

Through all its manifestations, I could always feel the magic of the fusion between the personality and the divine gift of free will in its most direct, honest and pure creative phase.

I grew up with art around me but I did not have the ability, or the courage to study it. Instead, I studied Business Administration and worked in the administrative field within the Human Management Area in large multinational companies.

When The Urantia Book came into my life in 1998 suddenly everything around my life was filled with purpose: first of all, meeting God for the first time and recognizing him as Universal Father with the purpose of going in search of him and being perfect as He is perfect; then, recognizing in my siblings, a brotherhood of travelers in a wonderful and carefully managed universe and thirdly, recognizing in me, the artistic essence of the personality that the Father gave me.

So, when I read document 44, the center of my soul was enlightened and I felt that I found the universal path that I wanted to go for: To become a Celestial Artisan.

I know that I am still very far from it, but I have decided to do everything possible to dedicate space and time to art so I can study, understand and develop it.

Today I combine my work as a Human Development Specialist with my artistic life in which I have been able to work both in music and in visual art and I really thank the Father every time I have the opportunity to create something new and express myself, since I have felt that He, who is the true First Source and Center of Everything, always, always stands by me…

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Dipti Bhakti
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