Genny is not your regular chip off the block. She is an amazingly talented singer, rapper and dancer, with her own unique style.
Highly creative and a Gen of all trades, coming from Birmingham UK, Genny is the youngest daughter of Grammy Nominated reggae legend Pato Banton.

Genny is known as being “street wise” but “spiritually inclined.”  Always ready to help others and motivated to inspire and save souls through her music for The Kingdom!

In a recent interview Genny states, “The Urantia Book has enhanced my life and given me more meaning and a purpose to strive towards! Without this book I really don’t know what kind of person I would be. I now know my creator Christ Michael (Jesus) and I’ve found God within myself. I’m excited to be on an eternal journey to live and learn and grow, and to increasingly find myself… I couldn’t be happier!”

Songs from Genny

  1. My Day Genny From The Block 2:55

Additional Music from Genny

Genny From The Block
Location: Birmingham UK