Gerri Ricci

Gerry Ricci is a long time follower of the Urantia teachings and a UBLA member at large. He is also a singer songwriter and producer. “Although my music does not have any obvious references to the UB, (no mention of the Most Highs of Edentia or reflections from the Sea of Glass), I feel it does provide positivity and hope for the future.”

Currently retired from corporate life I have been playing and creating music for over 50 years. I have a small home recording studio and have produced 2 CD’s. As a young man, I performed in various rock bands as a lead singer and then I got married. Now with 2 grown children and 4 grandkids, I have more time to pursue my musical passions.

I have been reading the UB for almost as long as I have been playing music and it has been an eye opening inspiration. It has pulled me from the wreckage and set me on a path to progressive attainment.”

Songs from Gerry Ricci

 Gerry Ricci