I am a musician (piano, flute guitar), a music teacher, long time songwriter, orchestral composer and conductor, music theatre musical director and video producer from Western Australia. All my creative musical and video works are accessible from my website with audio samples, and full scores with audio easily downloadable. The Urantia Book is such an ongoing inspiration to my composing.

In the 1970s & 80s, I lived in an alternative lifestyle community in Balingup Western Australia for 14 years where I raised a beautiful family of 6 children with my partner Jane. This community used The Urantia Book as its foundation text. As a 20 year old living in this community, and making some initial forays into UB, one of my first efforts in songwriting used the following lyrics as its chorus:

“I see where I am, and I glimpse where I’m going,
And the space in between seems forever so long.
So I laugh and I laugh, and surrender the future,
To this golden hour where eternity lies,
Live it and give to it the best that I can
Happy to be in this journey of man”

Some 45 years later, now as a professional musician, songwriter & orchestral composer, little has changed as to the reality of my journey through time and eternity. But my personal insights and understandings as to what it all means has expanded exponentially thanks to UB, with an ever growing awareness of the journey of my evolving soul in the long ascension towards Paradise. I am always grateful that UB keeps inspiring this endless journey!

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Gordon Tayler
Bunbury, Western Australia
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