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I always had many questions about Life, the Bible, Death, when I was introduced to the Urantia Book and took my first look inside I didn’t understand what I was looking at but the feeling I had drew me in I had to have, I felt that it was the one thing that was missing in my life and it was because of the Urantia Book I became whole, full, New, excited about life, rejuvenated and fore filled.

The poem is about life. Thoughts that most people have that are never answered and facts about life we all have to face.

Time 2020

Time is the one element in life that seems to disappear right before our very eyes; it is the one reality that we can’t escape.

Whatever we do we do in time, whatever happens to us happens in time and with time, it takes time to do any and everything we do whether it was something old or something new. When we die time goes on in this  world, regardless of the fact that the life we presently live comes to an end. 

If all life here on earth cease to exist and nothing but the planet were left would time come to an end? I think not, because here in this world time is connected to everything that is known to us human beings.

There is a direct relationship between maturity and the unit of time consciousness in any given intellect. The time unit that we know may be a day, a year, or a longer period, but inevitably it is the individuals  thoughts by which the conscious self evaluates the circumstances of life, and by which the conceiving intellect measures and evaluates the facts of temporal existence.

Experience, wisdom, and judgment are the concomitants of the lengthening of the time unit in mortal experience. As the human mind reckons backward into the past, it is evaluating past experience for the purpose of bringing it to bear on a present situation. As mind reaches out into the future, it is attempting to evaluate the future significance of possible action. And having thus reckoned with experience and wisdom, the human will exercises judgment-decision in the present, and the plan of action thus born of the past and the future becomes existent.

 in the maturity of the developing self, the past and future are brought together to illuminate the true meaning of the present. As the self matures, it reaches further and further back into the past for experience, while its wisdom forecasts seek to penetrate deeper and deeper into the unknown future. And as the conceiving self extends this reach ever further into both past and future, so does judgment become less and less dependent on the momentary present. In this way does decision-action begin to escape from the fetters of the moving present, while it begins to take on the aspects of past-future significance?

Patience is exercised by those mortals whose time units are short; true maturity transcends patience by a forbearance born of real understanding.

 to become mature is to live more intensely in the present, at the same time escaping from the limitations of the present. The plans of maturity, founded on past experience, are coming into being in the present in such manner as to enhance the values of the future.

Just think of having the power to ride life eternally seeing , learning, and loving in a timeless realm.

On the levels of the infinite and the absolute the moment of the present contains all of the past as well as all of the future. I AM signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE. And this represents our best concept of eternity and the eternal.

 On the absolute and eternal level, potential reality is just as meaningful as actual reality. Only on the finite level and to time-bound creatures does there appear to be such a vast difference. To God, as absolute, an ascending mortal who has made the eternal decision is already a Paradise bound. But the Father, through the indwelling Spirt, is not thus limited in awareness but can also know of, and participate in, every temporal struggle with the problems of the creature ascent from animal like to Godlike levels of existence.

All we have to do is choose our Father in heaven have faith and follow the guidance of the holy spirt.

Poetry & Music from John Lasenberry

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John Lasenberry