Jonathon Johnson

Jonathon discovered the Urantia Book in 1970 while touring with the Broadway Musical Hair. While performing on stage at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland in April 1971, an arsonist set fire to the Pick-Carter Hotel where Jonathon’s young wife Robin and year old daughter Melissa were staying. Sadly, Jonathon’s wife and daughter perished along with the stage managers wife and year old daughter, in addition to 3 people not associated with Hair..

Jonathon credits the teachings in the Urantia Book, most especially the Jesus Papers and the Morontia Papers, for giving him the strength, love and forgiveness to carry on. Jonathon was also a member of The New Christy Minstrels, had a brief solo career as a singer songwriter and has since retired from performing.

Songs from Jonathon Johnson

  1. Spirit of Truth Jonathon Johnson 5:56
  2. Sea of Glass Jonathon Johnson 3:19
  3. The Agondonter Song Jonathon Johnson 3:33

Additional Music from Jonathon Johnson

Jonathon Johnson