Kelly Andrew

Composer/musician Kelly Andrew has spent many years dedicated to music, piano, and music composition. He has professionally written over two hundred compositions, including more than a dozen songs in the EDM genre, which received international recognition throughout the United States, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He was also commissioned to write an album of movie/TV/Film trailers for Audiomachine and wrote, produced and recorded six albums: Olympus, Reflections, Epoch Dawn, Journey, Rendezvous, and Revelation

He plans to continue to write and release beautiful, melodic and uplifting music that will enrich the experience and enhance the inner spirit of his listeners for many years to come.

Kelly says, “The Urantia Book has given me faith in everything and anything I do. I allow the Universal Father to work through me in everything I do, especially in my art, with the hopes of creating something greater than what we all know and see.”

Music from Kelly Andrew

Kelly Andrew
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL USA