Kwadjo SPiRi

Kwadjo SPiRi – Ghanaian born Musician and record producer imbues his music with African folklore, Tribal and foreign elements with a Hiphop feel. This blends mainly into a new genre of music he refers to as Afrihop. 

As a dynamic music producer, Kwadjo SPiRi experiments with lots of sounds and rhythms and his edge to experiment is deeply rooted and inspired by this constant inner urge or impulse to stand out by creating new genres and feeding consumers with something always new and fresh. He’s on a conscious universal journey towards increasing self-awareness and discovery and mainly shares his universe experiences as content on the music.

How The Urantia Book has Transformed my life and Inspired my Art:

Kwadjo SPiRi

The Urantia Book in my life has been exactly what it claims to be; the fifth epochal revelation. When I discovered this revelation, I was at the peak of a spiritual experience and naturally use to veer into deep thought and receive spontaneous revelations. I had a lot of “aha” moments reading through the book as most of the information I discovered, I already held as natural insight. The Urantia book embellished my personal spiritual walk and made me aware of infinitely more truths my mind had not yet deciphered or discovered. 

It’s calmed me down in the universe and broadened my sense of brotherhood. It’s made me very tolerant of all humans of different colors, culture, tradition, religion, beliefs etc. Irrespective of our differences, we are all one big human family. 

It has greatly helped to spiritualize my mind and made clear the origin and destiny of humanity. 

I mostly socialize my life experiences on my music and the Urantia book feeds me with the most vivid words to express these experiences.

Songs from Kwadjo SPiRi

  1. We love Peace Kwadjo SPiRi 3:07

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Kwadjo SPiRi
Location: Accra, Ghana