My name is Shane Borowski, and while growing up I was always involved in sports and music. I always had a burning desire to seek truth, beauty, and goodness…then at a time where I was struggling to find any of those, I found the Urantia Book. Everything just fell into place and that wonderful revelation of a book confirmed all of my beliefs and affirmed for me all my thoughts about our world and universe. What a blessing it was. I am thankful for all I have been shown and hope to spread the love to others.

How the UB transformed my music and life:

The UB has been such a gift for me.  There are no longer questions, just answers. I have such a solid sense of being, and what is to come.  I have no fears any longer, just gratification that I know who I am, what will happen to me, and how I can make things better in the world.  Music does that for us all, and the UB does that for me and many others as well.  I feel so lucky to be able to write and sing about the UB in these songs, and hope they have a positive impact on others.

Songs from Navaglo

  1. Everything Navaglo 6:02
  2. Spanish Sun Navaglo 6:52

Additional Music from Navaglo

As for more music, the band does not exist anymore, but here is a link to more songs:

Location: Mammoth Lakes, CA