Nicky Bendix

Denmark-based Nicky Bendix is an accomplished composer, pianist and sound designer who creates hauntingly beautiful sonic worlds where great stories and spiritual realities come to life.

His music generates a deep sense of peace, inviting his audience to listen, while being mindfully and authentically present. Classical and melodic piano themes blend with custom soundscapes – simple yet simultaneously complex – as hidden structures and strong narratives are at play underneath it all. 

Grounded in his background writing for stage, film, art and dance since 1994, with extensive concert and studio experience internationally, Nicky Bendix transforms his lifelong spiritual quest into composing music with a mastery of storytelling at its best.

About how I found the Urantia Book, its influence on my music and my work as a composer: 

“I found the Urantia Book through an encounter with a fellow reader in Denmark when I was 25 years old. It has rearranged my Spiritual attitude and my way of living in that it has allowed me to see every aspect of my life as part of the Eternal Plan. But most of all it has brought me in full, intimate contact with Our Heavenly Father, so that we now share life, day by day, as it unfolds and is lived, here on this planet. 

“It has also intellectually helped me to harmonize all of my previous learning. I have all my life been studying the different branches of spirituality, the world religions and global mythology. I have both taught and given lectures on several of these subjects, and have always been hungry to know more about the reality and the Truth behind the parallels and consistencies of the narratives, as told by the ancient people from around the world. The UB has been the master piece of this giant puzzle, and helped me to see the almost full and immense panorama of the past, as well as given insights into present and the coming future. 

“Musically the UB has been a huge inspiration and has inspired many albums worth of music. Aside from the obvious inspiration I get as an artist from the inner and personal Spiritual life with God, the detailed descriptions and insights found in the UB, has inspired many compositions which are expressive of certain specific aspect of both the Deity and our vast cosmos. For example I have composed a conceptual piece based on the three personalities of the Trinity, their individual nature and their relation to each other. To some extend based on the numerical aspects of the Trinity. The Sea of Glass has of course also been a big inspiration for several works. 

“I try, through music, structure, sound design and expression, to make tangible the reality of our Fathers infinite and personal love, the realities of the Spirit, and the vastness and complexity of the Universe of Universes.”

Music from Nicky Bendix

A Mindful Story
A Mindful Story – creating music especially designed for mindfulness, focus, sleep and meditation.

Nicky Bendix
Composer / Sound Designer
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