I am Ramiro Jarkyn from Mexico City, a musician, singer and composer, who started playing music at the age of 7 using a little student flute. When I was 19, I moved to Mexico City to continue studying music. Currently, I play various styles of music, with different musical groups throughout my city, as well as arranging, and teaching music.

I found the Urantia Book almost 12 years ago. It changed the way I see life, death, and my relationship with others. I try to live practicing its teachings, and recently, I have understood the main message of the book, the worship as the way to let God talk to our soul. I’m still learning how to do it.

Songs from Ramiro Jarkyn

  1. Dame una buena explicación (Instrumental) Ramiro Jarkyn 0:38
  2. Un Mezcal Para Tia Lena Ramiro Jarkyn 3:31
  3. Armonía Corregida Ramiro Jarkyn 2:32

Ramiro Jarkyn