Rebecca Oswald

Rebecca Oswald is an award winning composer and lifelong pianist. Her composition catalogue includes music for piano, other solo instruments, various chamber ensembles, string and full orchestra, a clarinet concerto, art songs, all types of choral ensembles including chorus with orchestra, and an opera. She has also written music for film and games. At the piano, she has performed countless concerts and events, whether as featured artist or ensemble member. She holds degrees from Westminster Choir College and the University of Oregon School of Music. 

“The Urantia Book has definitely transformed my life and inspired my music. The Urantia Book affirms that music has a spiritual and eternal value and place in the universe, thus the book’s teachings have long inspired me to share my musical gifts with the world. Making music has always been a great source of joy for me. Providing meaningful music with and for my kindred spirits at many Urantia conferences over the years, whether as a solo pianist or playing with the house band or other ensemble, has filled my soul and inspired me to create even more music, that I might bring ever more harmony into our world where it is so needed.”

Songs from Rebecca Oswald

  1. The Constantly Pulsing Universe Inside Me Rebecca Oswald 4:11

Rebecca also has an amazing collection of music available on Spotify. To learn more about Rebecca, please visit or write to

Rebecca Oswald