Sandy Garrick

Sandy Garrick was a professional pianist, composer, arranger, and musical director. Trained at The Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, he escaped occupied Hungary at age 13 and ended up in Montreal, Canada.

He led big bands there, and was brought to New York and Los Angeles for his skills as an accompanist and arranger. Formative years were spent as a studio musician in New York City, but he finally left there for his health, taking a job in Sweden where he met his wife Christel Palmcrantz. They had two children and travelled the world wherever the music took them. Back in Canada outside the Toronto area, Sandy having been reading the Urantia Book for about five years, started hearing music as he read, and did his best to write and record what he heard. Sandy graduated in 1995 in Sweden where he was leading a refugee gospel choir and writing love songs for Christel. Sandy’s legacy of music, his music library, is being managed by his daughter Jinjee Garrick, in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Sandy Garrick In Studio

Sandy was entirely dedicated to the Urantia Book teachings and sharing those through his life and music. He provided the musical entertainment at numerous International Conferences including Eufaula and UCSB. As an atheist before finding the Urantia Book in 1972, he had read many of the world’s religious texts and found none to be consistent. His bass player Dick Degray brought the UB and Sandy told him to get it out of his house. Christel took it, and reading it said “This makes sense”. But it was when she read him the passage “Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona” that Sandy said “Give me that book. I’ll tell you if it makes sense!” — and he never put it down! Sandy had never before written music that he then had to practice to be able to play.

Not only did the Urantia Book transform Sandy Garrick into a more joyous and loving human being, but it also transformed his music! I love to just listen with my eyes closed, and am often transported to a worshipful state!

Sandy Garrick (AKA Steven Garrick) 
Location: The Mansion Worlds (formerly Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)