Cheryl Boyles lives just south of Tucson, Arizona, but “since no one knows where Green Valley is”, I usually just say I’m from Tucson.

After having a profound spiritual experience at age seven, I became a life-long spiritual seeker. Raised a church-going Christian, I have always loved Jesus, but I had many questions because I could not reconcile Christian doctrine—blood atonement in particular—with the God of love I had known in my heart since I was a child. 24 years ago, when I was introduced to the Urantia Book, my searching questions were finally answered, my relationship with God/Jesus profoundly deepened, and my life has (thankfully) never been the same.

When I read Part IV of the Urantia Book, I could see the story with my mind’s eye, like one would watch a film. Long before I had developed the capacity to adapt Part IV into a screenplay series, God put this desire on my heart. To this day the passage I first read 24 years ago rings in my soul: “Descriptive words of things beautiful cannot thrill like the sight thereof…” For me, there is no greater service I can imagine myself rendering our sin-darkened world than to do my part in bringing the Life and Teachings of Jesus, as depicted in the Urantia Book, to the screen.

Cheryl Boyles
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