Gary Tonge

Gary Tonge is a professional artist with over 25 years experience in a variety of roles, most recently as a conceptual artist and art director. He is also a published author and writer and is now working as a creative consultant.

Gary is serious about recreating the cosmic places described in The Urantia Book and will expound on the importance of a coherent way to use this revelation more deeply; in unity with true science, real spiritual insight, and true philosophical reasoning. Gary’s depictions of the Local Universe and Grand Universe are being used all over the web, by Urantia students and many others. 

Gary has been a student of the Urantia Book since 1997 and would consider himself “creatively cosmological” in his initial approach to the the book. “When I first got my hands on The Urantia Book I was immediately enthralled by the comprehensive nature of how it described the Universe. I’d previously been very interested in human cosmology, but had a niggling feeling that it fell short of cosmic truth and became embroiled in the art of intelligent guessing.”

He believes through earnest study; The Urantia Book is (among many other things) the revealed truth lens for making sense of the unexplainable observations we see in the cosmos as well as the qualification of the history of our world.

Gary states: “September 1995 was when I realised that there most definitely IS A GOD. I was unknowingly- at the beginning of what turned out to be 18 months of extraordinary events and experiences that not only completely redefined me spiritually; but also added – what I now see as the “finishing touches” for me intellectually and philosophically to be able to better comprehend and with some balance -study The Urantia Book. I began reading in about May 1997.”

“These events (that few people know of) were amazing – I am very grateful for such vivid memories and experiences. However, the times since “acquiring” the revelation are far more incredible, edifying, uplifting, challenging, rewarding and humbling. I work for The Father, for The Supreme. I humbly work for the betterment of this world. I work with as much as I can muster for all the people living here with us – and I do so with the greatest literary, philosophical and spiritual blessing on this sphere. Yes, I’m so blessed to have The Urantia Book in my life.”

Visual Art from Gary Tonge