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Terrell Ashendon Clark Profile

Terrell Ashendon Clark is a left handed artist, born in Roswell N.M. in 1945, He has painted original artworks, murals, mosaics, and sculpture since age 10. It is said that he is one of world’s oldest UFO artists at age 75 now, painting his first UFO art piece at age 12, and created The Saucer Greeter Art Series in 1979 while living in North Palm Beach, Fl.

Terrell also paints varied styles from portraits to abstract art, including Yantra Art, Discovery Art, African Art, and Fine Traditional Art works for 63 years now. Terrell is open to be commissioned to render art works for clients in varied mediums.

He has done many commercial contract commissions, for 60 years, including huge mural project, ‘The Health and Life Expo’ in1990 at The Pyramid Building, in Woodland Hills, Ca.

Terrell’s art has been heavily influenced by The Urantia Book in recent years and he says it has become his main source of inspiration. His wife is also a devout student of The Urantia Book and they are celebrating over 40 years of marriage and spirituality together. At the current moment Terrell is enjoying his 4 children and 6 grandchildren while being creative and still painting in Southern California.

Visual Art from Terrell Ashendon Clark

To see more of Terrell’s amazing art go here: https://pixels.com/profiles/1-terrell-clark

Terrell Ashendon Clark
Location: Southern California, USA
Website: caterrellart.com